Evanescense estrenó el video The Game is Over

La banda estadounidense presentó su nuevo corte, una pesadilla sobre la angustia y la depresión .

Evanescence compartió su nuevo corte, The Game is Over, que se destaca por la potente voz de la mezzo-soprano Amy Lee. Según la banda, este tema es una protesta contra las fachadas que la sociedad nos impone ante la depresión y la ansiedad, y en un mundo que parece desmoronarse cada día más.

“Esta canción trata sobre estar hartos de la fachada. Los disfraces que usamos para que los demás se sientan cómodos, los sentimientos internos son muy diferentes de lo que mostramos en el exterior para que quepan dentro de los límites de lo que es socialmente aceptable, o lo que no te hará desagradable o demasiado extraño”, describió la cantante Amy Lee.

El video es una suerte de pesadilla cargada de efectos sobre los problemas emocionales que causó este último tiempo que vivimos. El grupo, en colaboración con el director P.R. Brown, logró una gran producción donde describe los monstruos metafóricos que viven dentro de cada uno de nosotros.

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Repost from @baudarmutt – I know we all want to be back to normal, and I am itching to return to set again. In the meantime, you have creative geniuses like Evanescence who will push through to make their voice be heard, even in these weird circumstances. Amy hit me up and said she wanted an acid trip of a graphic video that dealt with the demons we all have inside us. During this time, those demons are even stronger over the frustration of the state of the world we are in. I have to hand it to the band as they each filmed themselves on their phones in uncomfortable roles with things that are incredibly personal to them, and did it beautifully. You could spend hours trying to unpack the references in here. They could have easily chosen to wait until things normalize to shoot a larger production, but wanted to express themselves through the tools they have now in a ridiculously creative way. What's fascinating is that each member dug deeper than I could have ever pulled out of them on a traditional set. Throughout my career I have done many graphic videos and these days tend to shy away from them. But in this case it completely made sense. It's not supposed to be pretty, it's meant to be intentionally uncomfortable, to put you in their shoes and feel the anxiety ripping them apart so they can move forward in the end like a phoenix. Some will get that and some will say oh god not another heavy fx video. To make the latter claim completely misses the point entirely. At the end of the day the band wanted to express themselves in this way and I have nothing but complete respect and love for their love of creating art. 5 band members, all around the world, worked together to make a beautifully poignant piece that points out the misgivings of perfection. That is pretty damn incredible and inspiring. Based on the responses I have seen so far, the band really knows how to push the right buttons to get much needed dialog moving forward. A huge congrats to them on a job well done!! I have nothing but love and admiration for this creative band of brothers and sisters. Watch “The game is over” on youtube.

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